Community Beautification Project

Beechwood Village has undertaken a community beautification project that will include many exciting upgrades of landscaping, entrance renewal, signage improvements, street light expansion, hardwood tree replenishment, intersection landscaping, and more.  The work has already begun with several segments already completed.  The hardwood tree replenishment program will start shortly and be completed by Spring 2012.

Community Beautification – Resident Participation

All residents can play a big role in overall beautification efforts by being more conscience of their own property conditions.  Some lawns in the Village are not regularly mowed, landscaping is allowed to grow out of control, home exterior conditions deteriorate, cars are parked on lawns, disabled cars litter driveways, yard waste is piled up in rear yards, and individual owners don’t seem to care.  PLEASE get out and take a good look at your property.  Consider what the view is like for your neighbors!  Please consider the impact to individual and overall value of Beechwood Village properties due to your inaction.


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