Trash Collection

Waste Management Acceptable Trash Collection Items List

Yard Waste Collection

Trash collection pick up will occur on Monday’s and change from twice a week to once a week rear collection starting Monday, January 3, 2011. Waste Management will provide all residents with a large trash tote for use at rear of residence. It will not be necessary to place the trash tote at curb line for pick up. In the event you do not want a large trash tote, please contact Waste Management at 502-228-0290.

View the 2019 Holiday Collection Schedule here.


Acceptable Unacceptable
Furniture Appliances Miscellaneous Unacceptable Items
(Cloth or leather. Must
wrap in plastic.) 
(Includes glass top stoves,
as long as the drivers can lift it.) 
Carpet / Padding
(Must be cut into 4 ft.
pieces and tied up; will
accept approx. TWO
room’s worth per service
day) Approx. 144 SQFT 
Hazardous Wastes, Manure, Motor Oil, Batteries, Pool Chemicals
(Must detach reclining seat,
wrap in plastic. Cloth or
Vacuum Cleaners  Basketball Goals (With
base: needs to be removed
and base emptied. Inground: need to have pole
cut down to 4 ft. long
Propane Tanks, Metal Drums
Sofa beds (Must detach
fold-up bed, wrap in plastic
Refrigerators & Freezers (Tagged
Bicycles, Swing Sets (Broken down) Tires, Auto Engines, Lawn Tractors
(If cloth or leather, must
wrap in plastic) 
Window A/C units (Tagged
Hot Tubs (Must be broken
down into sections that can
be picked up individually –
but it cannot be completely
destroyed as this would be
construction debris) 
Mattress/Box Springs
Must be wrapped in
Plastic. (Neither one of
these can be scheduled
with the other as one item.)
Water Heaters, Washers, Dryers Flattened moving boxes
(Up to 20) 
Glass Storm Doors, Glass Windows, Mirrors 
Tables, Desks, Dressers, Chests, Cabinets Sinks, Toilets BBQ Grills
(Propane tank removed.) 
Construction/Remodeling Debris, Wet Paint Cans
Area Rugs Radiators (No leaks) Push Mowers
(Oil and gas removed.) 
Stereos, TV’s Microwaves Box Fans, Dried Paint Cans Mobile Home H/C Units