Sump Pump Outflow Line Project

The sanitary sewer project that has been ongoing for over a year in Beechwood Village has created a problem in a number of areas with sump pump discharges from certain homes. Standing water has caused algae growth along the curbs in the warm weather months, icing conditions in cold weather and is generally unsightly.

MSD has worked with Beechwood Village to implement certain improvements that will alleviate the standing water problem. In several weeks, work will begin in certain areas of the Village to install a 6″ outflow line 3 feet inside yards from the edge of pavement which is the grassy public right of way. The line will be approximately 2′ deep. Individual sump pump lines will be connected to the 6″ line, which in turn will be connected to the existing storm water catch basins.

Please download the Sump Pump Outflow Line Project (PDF) document for complete details and a schedule of pipe lines and properties.

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